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How do I maintain my mobility scooter?

Here at Quingo Scooters we know that the idea of maintaining your mobility scooter could be a daunting one. So today we want to share some steps you can take towards keeping your Quingo in top condition, and it’s a lot easier than you think!

We all want our mobility scooters to look in their best condition at all times, and to be assured that they are performing to their best ability whilst ensuring absolute safety. These quick checks can be done easily and regularly, and they apply to all Quingo Scooters.

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How do I look after my mobility scooter batteries?

Here at Quingo Scooters we always want to share with you ways that you can get the most out of your mobility scooter.

One question that mobility scooter users are always asking is “How do I look after my mobility scooter batteries?” and today we want to help answer that question. We’ll look at how you protect the lifespan of your mobility scooter’s batteries and how you can maximise their longevity.

Quingo Scooters

What’s the best way to charge my mobility scooter battery?

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Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Quingo in Winter

It is great to have the freedom and access a Quingo gives you over the winter months.

In order to keep your Quingo in tip-top shape there are some simple maintenance checks you can regularly undertake, these are to ensure safety and optimal performance of your scooter. As the winter fast approaches it is even more important that a few more checks are carried out more regularly.

There is nothing better than wrapping up warm and going for a ride on your mobility scooter in the crisp, clean winter air!

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Safely and Securely Storing Your Quingo Mobility Scooter

Here, the Quingo team offer some advice on how to safely store your scooter and some useful accessory options that can keep your mobility scooter secure when not in use.

Quingo Battery Care

When you have finished using your Quingo it is important to store it somewhere safe and dry with a power source. We always recommend fully charging your batteries for at least 8-12 hours before you use it again.

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Getting the best performance out of your Quingo Vitess, Toura and Toura 2

The Quingo Scooters team have recently written a guide to explain how to best charge your Quingo Flyte, Plus, Classic and Vitess 2, as well as how to charge your Quingo Air, Compact or Powerbase. This time around, we’d like to take a further look at charging the Quingo Toura, Quingo Toura 2 and the Quingo Vitess and how to get the best performance from their batteries.

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