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Safely and Securely Storing Your Quingo Mobility Scooter

Here, the Quingo team offer some advice on how to safely store your scooter and some useful accessory options that can keep your mobility scooter secure when not in use.

Quingo Battery Care

When you have finished using your Quingo it is important to store it somewhere safe and dry with a power source. We always recommend fully charging your batteries for at least 8-12 hours before you use it again.

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All Quingos are perfect shopping partners but how much can you safely carry?

All of us need to do our weekly shop and when using your Quingo to help out in this task it is important to be clear on what can and should be safely carried. Using the shopping basket on your Quingo gives you plenty of space for your shopping but being aware of the storage capacity of the basket will give you an indication of what you can safely take if you’re planning on doing a larger shop.

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