How do I look after my mobility scooter batteries?

Here at Quingo Scooters we always want to share with you ways that you can get the most out of your mobility scooter.

One question that mobility scooter users are always asking is “How do I look after my mobility scooter batteries?” and today we want to help answer that question. We’ll look at how you protect the lifespan of your mobility scooter’s batteries and how you can maximise their longevity.

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What’s the best way to charge my mobility scooter battery?

  1. Place your Quingo in an area that is dry well ventilated and make sure that there is a power point nearby.
  2. Switch your vehicle off and remove the key when charging.
  3. Turn off the mains switch. Never connect or disconnect the charger with the mains on.
  4. Make sure that the pins are lined up when connecting the charger plug to the scooters charging socket. They should connect easily – don’t try and force them.
  5. After charging: Switch off the mains and remove the battery connector when fully charged. Don’t leave the charger plugged in with the power off as this will discharge your battery.

How often should I charge my mobility scooter battery?

Charge your Quingo overnight (at least 8-12 hours- depending on model) the day before you wish to use it. If you are using it daily, put the vehicle back on charge even if you have only travelled a short distance. When unused you should still recharge your batteries at least every 2-3 weeks to keep them in good condition.

If you don’t intend to use your vehicle for longer periods of time (i.e. 3 months or more), you should charge the batteries fully, then remove the batteries from the vehicle and store them in a dry area. Never remove them unless they are fully charged. When you return them to the vehicle, top them up before use. Remember – don’t charge your Quingo in the open since it may rain and the battery charger is not waterproof.

When will I know to change my mobility scooter battery?

Consider replacing your batteries when you notice they no longer perform as you would wish. For some this may be after 12 months of regular use, for others it may be several years.

Does tyre pressure affect my mobility scooter battery?

Yes – all you need to do is regularly check that your tyre pressure is set correctly according to your scooters handbook. You can do this by visiting a local petrol station or garage or even buy your own gauge from somewhere like Halfords. You can also buy cheap powered pumps that include a gauge and will run off  a 12v battery, such as the ones in your Quingo, and these can be found in shops like Argos.

Will the weather make a difference to my mobility scooter battery life?

Using your scooter in the winter will impact battery life, bear this in mind before you set out on longer journeys as you may need to charge the batteries more frequently and your range may be decreased. Make sure batteries are fully charged before you set off.

Does what I carry on my mobility scooter impact the battery?

Yes – it’s always a good idea to carry only essential items with you on your scooter. The more weight your Quingo carries the harder the motor and batteries will need to work and the sooner the batteries will need charging.

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