Getting the best performance out of your Quingo Flyte, Plus, Classic, Vitess 2

The Quingo Scooters team have written an express guide to provide some detailed charging advice for your Quingo Flyte, Plus, Classic and Vitess 2 and how to get the best performance from their batteries. If you are a  Quingo Air, Compact or Powerbase user, then please see our previous blogpost on charging for these models. If you’re looking for a charging guide on the Quingo Toura and Vitess please stay up to date with the Quingo Scooter Users blog as this will be uploaded soon.

The Charger for Quingo Flyte, Plus, Classic, Vitess 2

When the charger for these models is plugged into the mains the red light will come on and will remain on constantly until the power is switched off.

Quingo Scooters
The Charger for the Quingo Flyte, Plus, Classic and Vitess 2

Once the charger is connected to the scooter, it will begin charging and the light will glow yellow/orange in colour. When the charge is close to completion the light will glow green.

Charger FAQs

Does the green light indicate that the battery is fully charged at that point?
The green light will illuminate to show the scooter has enough of a charge to be used, but it’s better for battery conditioning if you charge for 12 hours (trickle charge). This helps keep the batteries healthier and will improve longevity.

Tip: for the most effective full charge, leave your Quingo charging overnight, so it is ready to use in the morning.


Does it harm the Quingo batteries if the charger is left on for 24 hours? Will doing this eventually harm the batteries?
The batteries will not be harmed if the scooter is used regularly and given a 24 hour charge in between using it again. However, leaving the scooter on constant charge and not using the scooter may harm the batteries. It’s best to complete the charge cycle and remove the charger from the mains and scooter.

Please note: never leave the battery charger connected and the mains switched off as this will drain the batteries.

You can find out additional information by reviewing our  overview on charging your Quingo’s batteries article which you may also find useful.

If you have any further questions about your Quingo’s batteries please complete the online form, or alternatively please call our Feefo Gold Trusted customer service team on 01582 430 900.