Quingo Scooters Frequently Asked Questions

The Quingo Scooters team understand that you may have questions you want to ask. There is lots of great information on the Quingo website, but we have also built a list of frequently asked questions below.

If your question is not listed in the list below, get in touch! Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the maximum range of my Quingo Scooter?

The Quingo Scooters have the following maximum ranges:

  • Compact – up to 8 miles
  • Air – up to 10 miles
  • Air 2 – up to 10 miles
  • Air 2 with Range Extender – up to 18 miles
  • Flyte – up to 23 miles
  • Flyte with Range Extender – up to 34 miles
  • Classic – up to 23 miles
  • Plus – up to 30 miles
  • Vitess – up to 30 miles
  • Vitess 2 – up to 30 miles
  • Toura – up to 55 miles
  • Toura 2 – up to 55 miles

Please note that there are several factors that affect the range of our scooters – similar to an MPG statement with a car.

    • The weight carried by the scooter
    • Steep inclines and hills
    • The age and condition of the batteries
    • Accessories or features that use battery power
    • The ambient temperature

What warranty is available with my Quingo Scooter?

Each Quingo model comes with a 3 year warranty apart from the Ultra and Connect that offer a 1 year warranty.

Why are 5 wheels better than 3 or 4?

Quingo Scooters offer the worlds only 5 wheel mobility scooter. 5 wheels provide the following benefits over 3 and 4 wheel scooters:

    • Superior stability and cornering – much more stable than a 3 wheel scooter and far better manoeuvrability than a 4 wheel scooter.Quingo Scooters
    • Unrivalled comfort and posture control – our 5 wheel configuration allows users to place feet either side of the Tiller allowing for correct posture
    • Kerb Handling – easily move up and down kerbs, even at 45 degrees!
    • Increased confidence – because you feel more stable on 5 wheels, you feel more confident. Quingo strive to improve mobility and safety, 5 wheels allows us to do this.

I want to recommend my Quingo – where can I find reviews and testimonials?

We want people to give us feedback on their Quingo Scooter. If you want to look at Quingo reviews you can find them here.

You can also see what customers say about our scooters on our website.

Feedback for Quingo Scooters

What parts of my Quingo are adjustable?

Quingo Scooters offer multiple adjustments so they are precisely right for you. The following parts of your Scooter are adjustable:

  • Seat height – enables best posture regardless of length.
  • Seat slide – allows precise positioning of leg angle.
  • Backrest – comfort for arthritic pain and knee problems.
  • Armrests – adjustment for angle, width and height means support where it is needed.
  • Seat Swivel – allows access for users with stiff legs or arthritic conditions.
  • Tiller – a relaxed position for safe driving and adjustable with minimum effort.
  • Legroom – regardless of leg length, Quingo can adapt to suit users of varying sizes.
  • Foot rests – feet and legs in the correct position means less pressure on your spine, shoulders and neck.
  • Suspension – Helps reduce the shock of bumps and wholes on the ground. Selected models offer adjustable settings.
  • Mirrors – provides greater visibility without the strain.
    Quingo Scooters

What is included in Quintell Technology?

Quintell Technology™ (protected by Patent number 2043908) offers a range of world patented technologies, which for you means safety with performance. Included in Quintell Technology is:

    • Quintell™ 5 Wheel stabilising system
    • Quintell™ Posture control SystemQuintell Technology
    • Quintell™ Adaptive Floating Footrests
    • Quintell™ Energy Absorbing Bumper
    • Quintell™ Active Tri-Wheel Steering
    • Quintell™ Self Centering Steering
    • Quintell™ Anti-Grounding System
    • Quintell™ Anti-Tipping System

How much weight can I put on my Quingo Scooter?

The maximum carrying capacity for the Quingo range:

      • Compact – 101 kg/16 st
      • Air – 133 kg/21 st
      • Air 2 – 136 kg/21.5 st
      • Classic – 159 kg/25 st
      • Plus – 159 kg/25 st
      • Vitess – 182 kg/28.6 st
      • Vitess 2 – 182 kg/28.6 st
      • Toura – 220 kg/35 st
      • Toura 2 – 220 kg/35 st

What class is my Quingo Scooter?

There are three types of ‘invalid carriage’ defined in ‘The Use Of Invalid Carriages On Highways Regulations 1988’. Your Quingo mobility aid will either be class 2 or class 3.

Class 2 – for footway use only with a maximum speed limit of 4mph. Includes: Flyte, Compact, Air and the Classic.

Class 3 – for use on footpaths, pavements, bridleways, and pedestrian areas at 4mph. For use on roads and highways (NOT motorways) with a maximum speed limit of 8mph and correct lighting. Includes: Plus, Vitess and the Toura.

How do I clean my Quingo?

Be sure to only use a damp cloth and gentle detergent. Do not use any abrasive or scouring liquids. Do not allow water near or in direct contact with water. Do not use high-pressure cleaning devices. We have also written helpful guide on some simple maintenance you can do to keep your Quingo in top shape.

How do I Disinfect my Quingo?

Spray or wipe disinfection using a tested and recognised product. Be sure to always wear rubber gloves when using disinfectant and wash your hands thoroughly when finished.

I want to modify my scooter, is this ok?

No. Any modification will invalidate your warranty. This is because it changes the specification of the product and the manufacturer has to abide by the CE approval marking.

How big/heavy is my Quingo?

Compact Air Air 2 Classic Plus Vitess Vitess 2 Toura Toura 2
Length 100 cm (103 cm with basket) 39.4 inches (40.6” with basket 107 cm (124.5 cm with basket) 42” (49” with basket) 107 cm


(without basket)

122 cm 48 inches 122 cm 48 inches 127 cm (139 cm with basket) 50” (55” with basket) 127 cm (139 cm with basket) 50” (55” with basket) 139 cm (150 cm with basket) 54” (59” with basket) 139 cm (150 cm with basket) 54” (59” with basket)
Width 54 cm 21.3 inches 56 cm 22 inches 56 cm 22 inches 64 cm 25 inches 64 cm 25 inches 62 cm 24.4 inches 62 cm 24.4 inches 67 cm 26.4 inches 67 cm 26.4 inches
Total Unladen Weight 55.5 kilograms 122.4 pounds 56.5 kilograms 124.5 pounds 61.6 Kg
135.8 lbs
72.4 kg
159.6 lbs (with range extender pack)
100 kilograms 220 pounds 103 kilograms 227 pounds 116 kilograms 256 pounds 116 kilograms 256 pounds 163.9 kilograms 361.3 pounds 163.9 kilograms 361.3