Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Quingo in Winter

It is great to have the freedom and access a Quingo gives you over the winter months.

In order to keep your Quingo in tip-top shape there are some simple maintenance checks you can regularly undertake, these are to ensure safety and optimal performance of your scooter. As the winter fast approaches it is even more important that a few more checks are carried out more regularly.

There is nothing better than wrapping up warm and going for a ride on your mobility scooter in the crisp, clean winter air! So we wanted to share some tips and advice on a few aspects of the cold that can affect your Quingo, and how to easily prevent these.


The chilly winter weather could affect your scooter’s power supply, but one way to stop this from happening is to store your mobility scooter in a heated area when it is not in use. This will ensure the battery remains in a good condition throughout the winter months.

If heated storage isn’t an option, all it requires is a bit of extra vigilance. Get into a routine of checking your power level before every trip, even if it was full last night. It goes without saying, but simply charging your battery regularly and taking your Quingo out for a spin most days will keep your battery ticking over. This will help to keep the power supply healthy and reliable despite the cold!

In winter, the cold weather can sometimes cause your mobility scooter battery to run down a little bit quicker than usual, but all you need to do is keep an eye on your scooter’s energy levels whilst you’re out and about, especially on longer trips.

We have also written a brief guide on battery care here in a previous post, and check out our guide for charging and getting the best performance out of your Quingo’s batteries here.


Good traction is vital to your safety when out and about, especially so in the winter. Ice, snow, moisture and even dead leaves can cause slippery conditions. Quingo’s 5 wheel stability system makes the Quingo an ideal choice for these types of conditions, along with the wheels of the Quingo being covered in thick tread – so you shouldn’t have any problems at all!

While these tyres are durable and robust, natural wear and tear over time can reduce their effectiveness. Make sure you conduct regular checks to ensure the tyres on your scooter are in good condition and fully inflated – the correct pressure will give you added grip in slippy conditions. If necessary, replace your tyres before the winter sets in properly.



Mud, oil and salt amongst other things can be picked up during your Quingo’s winter travels. Regularly cleaning your mobility scooter the best you can will help keep it not only looking good but working great too.

Regular cleaning will help prevent any corrosion that might occur such as rust on the metal parts and pitting on chrome surfaces.

For advice on your battery or anything else mentioned in this post, please complete the enquiry form or contact our customer service team on 01582 430 900. Keep these points in mind, stay safe on the roads and most importantly enjoy the winter!

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