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How to Stay Safe in the Summer

Here at Quingo Scooters we love it when summer is in full swing and we get to explore the great outdoors on our mobility scooter, having fantastic days out with our friends and family.

The sun does great things for our mood and our spirits, however there are just a few precautions to take when you’re spending time in it. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are just a few of the problems you may encounter if the right measures are not taken, but we’ve put together some advice to make sure you can enjoy the sun without a care in the world.

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Can I Drive My Mobility Scooter in the Rain?

Here at Quingo Scooters we know as well as you do that in England, the rain is never far away! And when you’re out and about on your mobility scooter, you can sometimes get caught up in it. In this post we answer a very popular question – can I drive my mobility scooter in the rain?

Up to a certain point your mobility scooter can handle rain, but caution and slow speeds are always recommended in such conditions.

If the rain is coming down heavily it’s important to try and get under cover to prevent any water hitting electrical controls.

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Using your Quingo in the Snow

Here at Quingo, we know that confidence is extremely important when you are out and about on your scooter during the cold winter months.

You can rest assured that all the technologies behind your 5 wheel scooter are continually at work, up and down every hill and every kerb, enabling you to continue to use your scooter safely and maintain your independence.

With snow and icy conditions forecast across the country, you might fear that it will be too difficult to get out and about and carry on with your essential everyday journeys.

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Getting to Know Your Quingo: The 5 Wheel Advantage

A warm welcome back to the Quingo Scooter Users Area.

Confidence is extremely important when you are out and about on your Quingo so it is good to know that all the technologies behind your 5 wheel scooter are continually working away at every corner, on every hill and up and down every kerb. It means you can continue to safely use your scooter even during these cold winter months where snow is likely and independence is more important than ever.

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Insurance for your Quingo Scooter: Complete Peace of Mind

Hello and welcome back to the Quingo scooter users blog. In this blog post the Quingo team share some useful information about mobility scooter insurance and why it is so vital.

It is important that you enjoy yourself when out and about and that you benefit from using your mobility scooter as much as you can without worry.

Scooter Insurance offers you the peace of mind to do just that every time you go out. Whilst the law states that you are not obliged to have insurance, it is strongly recommended – both by the Quingo team and the Department for Transport that you do.

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