Quingo Connect Electric Wheelchair Portable and Lightweight

You will be familiar with our renowned Quingo 5 wheeled mobility scooter range but we would like to introduce you to a new addition to our range the Connect powered wheelchair.

The Connect is a very flexible and agile wheelchair suitable for those who may find a mobility scooter does not meet their requirements or health condition’s needs.

One of the key features is the easy use controls. These can be moved to either arm of the chair to suit passenger preference.

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Should I Go Out on My Mobility Scooter During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

With the need to observe social distancing you may ask

“Should I not be using my mobility scooter at this time?”

The answer is yes, as long as you observe sensible rules.

You scooter may be a vital lifeline and make going out for essential supplies such as food and medicines much safer than other ways you may have to use otherwise like getting a lift. The other way a scooter helps is all our models have baskets, which means you can avoid using a basket which may have been handled by an infected person.

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The best accessible battlefields in the UK

Britain’s battlefields are one of the less visible aspects of our country’s history. There is usually little to see in terms of the actual battle that took place there – perhaps just some earthworks, a monument, or the remains of a defensive ditch.

But the magic of visiting a battlefield doesn’t always lie in what you can see. More often it is about the sense of history, and the memory of the dramatic, terrible events that took place there. These sites have their very own atmosphere – they are often remote, dramatic places that are unlike any other kind of historic site.

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The five best accessible coffee shops in Seattle

There are few places outside Italy that are more synonymous with coffee culture than Seattle. After all, it is the birthplace of one the world’s most popular and ubiquitous chains – Starbucks – that has brought coffee to the masses.

But there is so much more to Seattle’s coffee scene than just Starbucks. There are also plenty of interesting independent coffee shops too. And the great news is that most of the city’s best coffee shops are also fully accessible.

So, with that in mind, here is Quingo Scooters’ guide to five of the Emerald City’s very best accessible coffee shops.

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