How to Stay Safe in the Summer

Here at Quingo Scooters we love it when summer is in full swing and we get to explore the great outdoors on our mobility scooter, having fantastic days out with our friends and family.

The sun does great things for our mood and our spirits, however there are just a few precautions to take when you’re spending time in it. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are just a few of the problems you may encounter if the right measures are not taken, but we’ve put together some advice to make sure you can enjoy the sun without a care in the world.


Drink plenty

Dehydration can become a problem in the sun, especially in later life, as body water content decreases as people get older. Some medications can also make you more susceptible to dehydration. If you stick to a few simple rules however, this can be avoided very easily.

Keeping water bottles and/or a water cooler available throughout the day wherever you are should be simple enough. Instead of waiting until you’re thirsty, have small drinks at regular intervals – you may already be dehydrated and not know it yet. If you struggle to drink water on its own you could try something such as cordial, however be sure to stay away from sugary or caffeinated drinks as these are a  diuretic and encourage dehydration. If you do take medication for any conditions, try to drink 8oz of fluid every time you take your tablets.


Protect your skin

It may seem simple enough, but the skin can often be overlooked when you’re out and about under the sun. Exposure to UV rays can be extremely damaging to your skin whether the sun is out or not, and there are often places we forget about when we’re applying sun lotion. The scalp, back of the neck and feet are just some of the places that can be easily forgotten about.

Layer your clothing

You can’t underestimate the power of layering clothing, in the summer or the winter! If you’re outside in the heat and then you go indoors to a cold air-conditioned room, it’s a good idea to be prepared. This way you’ll always be comfortable throughout your day, no matter what the temperature. Ideally you should also carry a hat on you for when you do go outside, to protect your head from the sun. When it comes to the sun, lighter colours are better as they reflect the heat, especially white.

Charge your mobility scooter

Making sure your mobility scooter is charged at all times will ensure that you’re prepared and ready for anything the day may bring. If you’re off out on your own, make sure you have your mobile phone and make sure that’s also fully charged. If you don’t have a mobile phone, it’s recommended you carry a small book with a contact number in the front pages labelled ICE (In Case of Emergency). This number should also be labelled as ICE in your mobile phone too.

Any more questions?

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