Insurance for your Quingo Scooter: Complete Peace of Mind

Hello and welcome back to the Quingo scooter users blog. In this blog post the Quingo team share some useful information about mobility scooter insurance and why it is so vital.

It is important that you enjoy yourself when out and about and that you benefit from using your mobility scooter as much as you can without worry.

Scooter Insurance offers you the peace of mind to do just that every time you go out. Whilst the law states that you are not obliged to have insurance, it is strongly recommended – both by the Quingo team and the Department for Transport that you do. 

Quingo Classic
The Quingo Classic

 Why get insured?

It’s all too easy to put off getting insurance and many people do but we strongly advise that you don’t. It is far better to protect both your investment and yourself and get covered right away. The process is very straightforward and our friends at First Senior Insurance will happily take you through the application process.

What does good insurance cover include?

Insurance should at minimum provide cover for you and your Quingo in the unlikely event of an accident, for theft and cover vandalism. In addition, check that the public liability covers the risk of potentially expensive personal compensation pay-outs!

It is also worth noting that, just as with cars, not all mobility scooter insurance cover is the same, so it is good to have an idea of what cover you should expect. First Senior Insurance who specialise in mobility scooter insurance have cover called Triple Star Insurance. Check that your insurance covers all these areas:

  • Accidental Damage Cover
  • Fire Damage Cover
  • Flood Damage Cover
  • Loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft
  • Storm Damage Cover
  • 40 Day world-wide cover
  • Public liability up to £2 million
  • Temporary cover to loan equipment of similar value whilst your product is with the dealer/manufacturer
  • ‘Get-you-home’ expenses following an accident
  • New for old replacement if the damage exceeds 60% of the replacement value during the first 24 months, assuming product is new
  • No excess
  • No claims bonus scheme
  • Carer contingent liability
  • Temporary hire costs cover
  • Personal Injury benefit up to £2000
  • Personal effects covered up to £250
  • Loss of Key Cover up to £50
  • Any Driver

 Roadside Recovery Cover

You should also consider Roadside Recovery if you wish to avoid unnecessary worry. Punctures or mechanical problems for example are rare but should you ever find yourself needing help recovering your scooter and getting it and yourself home, it is well worth considering. First Senior Insurance offer such a service which provides a reliable recovery service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Extended Warranty Cover

Any new Quingo in the current range comes with a comprehensive, 3 year Warranty so most new Quingo owners won’t need to worry, however for those with older models or those who buy a second hand scooter an extended warranty is for you. These cover your mobility scooter against unforeseen electrical and mechanical failure when the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. They provide you with peace of mind and multiple durations are available. Check that the policy covers all relevant call out charges plus labour and parts costs.

In summary, the most important piece of advice is to ensure you have insurance in place from the day you begin using your scooter and we can’t stress that enough. If you would like further help with anything relating to Insurance, Roadside Recovery or Extended Warranties please just call our customer service team on  01582 430 900

About Quingo

The Quingo Scooter range features six models to suit your needs and budget. For more information on the Quingo Scooter range, please visit our website. Alternatively, if you have any questions you can always contact us or call customer services on 01582 430 900.

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