Getting to Know Your Quingo: The 5 Wheel Advantage

A warm welcome back to the Quingo Scooter Users Area.

Confidence is extremely important when you are out and about on your Quingo so it is good to know that all the technologies behind your 5 wheel scooter are continually working away at every corner, on every hill and up and down every kerb. It means you can continue to safely use your scooter even during these cold winter months where snow is likely and independence is more important than ever.

Looking at the crucial elements of stability and agility and comfort, we look in to the benefits of having 5 wheels and help you to really get to know your Quingo Scooter.

Enhanced Stability

Quingo’s unique 5 wheel stability system means a better turning circle without compromising agility as those do on traditional 3 wheel scooters. You get superior control on incline and kerbs, which is important for your confidence when out and about on your scooter. The forward sitting position means there is safer weight distribution for hills and bumps. On top of all this, Quingo’s active tri-wheel steering easily navigates and stabilises your scooter on uneven gradients smoothly and safely!



Having a very tight turning circle (from as little as 102cm) means that Quingo mobility scooters provide safer, easier turning in shops and confined spaces. When directly compared to a 4 wheel mobility scooter of comparable length, Quingo not only offers significantly more agility, it also means less reversing and fewer 3 point turns when you’re picking up those vital groceries at your small local shop.

Enhanced Comfort

Quingo is the only mobility scooter range that provides adaptive footplates with ergonomic posture control, providing superior comfort on all journeys but especially important on longer trips. With less stress on your back, hips, knees and ankle joints and with its precise leg and foot positioning it means comfort all the way. In addition, with up to 80% more foot space than an equivalent 4 wheel mobility scooter, your Quingo offers the best possible anatomical driving position at all times.


Safer Kerb Handling

Kerbs are unfortunately unavoidable when out and about on your scooter. However, Quingo’s 5 unique 5 wheel layout offers the ability to climb and descend kerbs easiliy and safely, even at angles of 45° angles and up to 3 inches high and it works equally well going up kerbs as it does coming down. In addition Quingo’s Kerbmaster technology not only prevents tipping as they do on most traditional scooters but also eliminates the possibility of your scooter being stuck on a high kerb which could easily leave an ordinary scooter stuck out in a busy road.

Although these are just some of the features of Quingo it’s easy to see and feel why 5 wheels are more comfortable than 4, and are more stable than 3!

If you’d like any more information on any of our models, or simply want to get in touch about your Quingo anything else, please complete the enquiry form or contact our customer service team on 01582 430 900 where one of our friendly advisors will help you out.

About Quingo

The Quingo Scooter range features six models to suit your needs and budget. New models are now available from just £22/week on our new contract hire scheme which includes all servicing and maintenance, Insurance, Roadside Recovery, Call Outs and Consumables including Batteries and Tyres. For more information on this or the latest Quingo Scooter range, please visit our website. Alternatively, if you have any Service questions you can always contact us or call customer services on 01582 430 900.

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