Can I Drive My Mobility Scooter in the Rain?

Here at Quingo Scooters we know as well as you do that in England, the rain is never far away! And when you’re out and about on your mobility scooter, you can sometimes get caught up in it. In this post we answer a very popular question – can I drive my mobility scooter in the rain?

Up to a certain point your mobility scooter can handle rain, but caution and slow speeds are always recommended in such conditions.

If the rain is coming down heavily it’s important to try and get under cover to prevent any water hitting electrical controls. However, if it’s a light to moderate shower, these tips will help you drive your mobility scooter in the rain.



When you’re out on your mobility scooter and unfortunately get caught in a rain shower, you can protect yourself with a protective cover. There are all weather protective covers for most mobility scooters, which not only help to keep your scooter dry, but also protect you from the elements too.

To protect your Quingo there is the all-weather removable canopy, which has roll up doors and protection from the rain when you need it. The canopy has a sturdy metal frame that is attached to the chassis of your mobility scooter. There’s also a large hard windscreen and a water resistant cover which is see-through in critical areas and protects you and your 5 wheel Quingo scooter from the elements on all sides.

There are two types of canopies for your Quingo – those for the Quingo Classic and Plus and those for the Quingo Toura and Vitess. There is more information available on the all-weather removable canopy from one of our previous postsquingo scooters


When you get home from your journey when it has been raining, it’s important to try and get your mobility scooter as dry as possible to prevent any damage. It is recommended that you wipe down your mobility scooter with a clean dry cloth, paying particular attention to the seat and any other upholstery. This will help stop any premature corrosion.

It’s also important to look after your batteries when you’ve been out in any wet weather. Again, the best course of action is to wipe them down with a dry cloth before you put your scooter away.

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