Santa’s Got Himself a Quingo!

A warm welcome back to the Quingo Scooter User’s Area!

If you’ve been following the news over on our website, you’ll have seen who was the latest celebrity to convert to a Quingo Scooter…

Quingo Scooters Santa

That’s right – the man himself – Santa.

Yes, we were surprised too that he had time to stop by, given that the festive season isn’t so far away. However, we were absolutely honoured he thought of us when in need of some new transport!

Controversially ditching the traditional sleigh this year, Santa is sure to cause outrage and scandal to people worldwide.

Santa said of the surprising switch: “We all have to move with the times and modernise. The Quingo is considerably safer and more manoeuvrable than my rickety old sleigh ever was and, being electric powered, is much ‘cleaner’ to run. I have offered the herd early retirement with a generous pasture allowance.”

However, it seems not all of his team are behind him on this shock change of heart.

Rudolph, Donner and Blitzen were said to be “disappointed” in his decision to no longer use their services.

The ETWU (Elf Toy Workers Union) also voiced their concerns about the increasing outsourcing of manufacturing to Chinese suppliers.

But Santa isn’t phased by any of his colleague’s opinions. Speaking of his newest purchase he said: “To get around the entire world in one night I need to have something reliable, stable and most of all comfortable! People don’t understand just how hard to the rear it is to tour the world on a rickety piece of wood! With my new scooter I can travel in style on Christmas Eve, whilst enjoying the stability of 5 wheels and the comfort of a nice chair!”

If you want to test drive a Quingo Scooter for yourself this festive season, we also have a special winter offer on as an added bonus when you purchase any Quingo. Get in touch with us to get the ball-bles rolling!

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