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You, Your Quingo and the Highway Code

It’s great to have the freedom and access a Quingo gives you over the winter months.

On the blog this week we wanted give you a refresher on the Highway Code for scooter users, so you can ride around this winter with maximum confidence!

The Highway Code offers essential guidance for your safety and the safety of others, and we will discuss the easy things to remember when out and about.

Using Pavements

A class 2 scooter that is restricted to 4mph, or a class 3 scooter that has been switched to the limited 4mph setting can both be used on pavements.

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Concerns Over Carlisle’s Pavements for Mobility Scooters

The Quingo team were interested to discover the recent story of a Carlisle man who believes that some pavements in his city are unsafe for mobility scooter users.

A lack of dropped kerbs in parts of Carlisle?

Jack Paton, 65, of Montgomery Way’s Botcherby often uses his scooter to visit family in nearby Harraby where he says that some of the streets have kerbs up to five inches high. He claims that the lack of dropped kerbs make certain areas difficult for him to get around.

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