Seat Belts for Mobility Scooters

Hello and welcome back to the Quingo scooter users blog. In this blogpost the Quingo team want to share some safety information about seat belts and mobility scooters. We’ll also discuss the law surrounding seat belts and we’ll look at when’s best to use your seat belt while on your Quingo scooter.

Clunk, click

The only time you’re required by law to wear a seat belt while on a mobility scooter is when you’re taking it on the road. If you’re travelling on a road you must abide by the Highway Code like any other vehicle, and that means that you must wear a seat belt.

Only class 3 mobility scooters are permitted on the road, this includes the Toura, Vitess, Plus, Toura 2 and Vitess 2. All of these Quingo scooters have seat belts fitted as standard.


Other times a seatbelt is recommended 

Although the only time you’re required to wear a seat belt on your Quingo is when taking it on the road, there are other times it might be wise to wear a seat belt.

Generally, the Quingo team recommend that you keep your seat belt fastened when riding on your Quingo as it provides some natural benefits:

  • Good for posture: by wearing your seatbelt you are kept sitting in the correct ergonomic position reducing the strain on your back.
  • Improved comfort: the seat belt on all Quingo scooters is adjustable for your comfort, by staying in the correct position it will keep you more comfortable for long periods of use.

We recommend wearing your seatbelt when getting out and about. The seat belt will keep you securely in place if you encounter any potholes or steep kerbs, or if you need to suddenly apply the brakes.

We also recommend wearing your seatbelt if you are on board public transport, as the vehicle may stop suddenly. By wearing a seat belt you’re kept safe and secure on your mobility scooter.

Safety and mobility

Your safety when driving your Quingo is our main priority. That’s why we recommend all of our customers regularly refer to the Highway Code – the number one resource for road safety. If you have any questions about your Quingo’s seat belt please contact us or call customer services on 01582 430 900.