You, winter weather conditions and your Quingo Scooter

As the end of the year draws ever closer and winter approaches, the team at Quingo Mobility Scooters share advice on how to prepare and cope with the worsening weather.

Protective Measures

The great thing about having a mobility scooter is it allows you to get out and about in the bad weather. It goes without saying, but the colder it gets the more layers you’ll need when out and about on your mobility scooter, particularly as you will be sitting still and more likely to feel the cold.  Lots of thinner layers and thermals are advised. Hoods on your outerwear or a hat are a very good idea, and a waterproof anorak or cagoule would probably be your best bet for the changeable and unpredictable weather. Waterproofs can also reduce any wind chill. Gloves and thick socks with waterproof boots will help protect those extremities that suffer so much from the cold and poor circulation.

Heated handle grips are an option for the Toura and Vitess models helping to keep your hands warm when going out on cold and frosty mornings.

To protect you and your Quingo there is the all-weather removable canopy. It has roll up doors and protection from the wind and rain when you need it. The canopy consists of a sturdy metal frame that is attached to the chassis of your scooter. There are two types of canopies – those for the Quingo Classic and Plus and those for the Quingo Toura and Vitess. See our earlier post where we discuss the Quingo all-weather removable canopy in more detail.

Route Planning

The safety a Quingo can bring on your journey is key, especially in potentially difficult weather, manoeuvrability and supreme stability are going to make your journey so much easier and give you much more confidence.

As the weather worsens, it’s essential to make sure the route you plan to take on your mobility scooter is safe and that a friend or relative knows where you are going along with your estimated time of arrival home or at your destination. It is also wise to take a mobile phone if possible in case of any difficulties.

No matter how stable your scooter is, when the ground is icy, it’s worth considering whether the route you plan to take has any steep inclines or other hazards. It might take a bit longer, but it’s safer to consider an alternative, flatter route.

The Quingo team always advise to put off any unnecessary journeys if particularly treacherous weather is forecast.

About Quingo

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