Getting the most out of your battery

The Quingo team want to make sure you know how to get the most out of your scooter’s battery and make it last as long as possible when you are out and about.

What is the maximum range of my Quingo?

Quingo scooters are designed to meet the needs of our users, so our scooters last as long as possible when on the go. The size of your model will affect the maximum range. This is because bigger models such as the Toura and the Vitess have a larger batteries.

See below for the maximum range of the Quingo scooter models:

Model Range
Quingo Compact Up to 8 miles
Quingo Air Up to 10 miles
Quingo Classic Up to 23 miles
Quingo Plus Up to 30 miles
Quingo Vitess Up to 30 miles
Quingo Toura Up to 55 miles
Quingo Flyte Up to 23 miles


What can affect the range of your Quingo?

The maximum range of your Quingo can be affected by a number of things, so to get the most of your battery it’s worth bearing in mind the following factors that will affect the range of your Quingo scooter:

  • Incorrect charging – make sure you fully charge your battery after use. Part charging will eventually damage the battery and reduce the range of your Quingo.
  • Cold weather your battery’s performance will decrease as the temperature drops. So make sure you fully charge your scooter before you go out, particularly during the winter months.

Quingo Scooters

  • Low tyre pressure – if you are experiencing low range with your scooter, low tyre pressure could be the reason. Tyre pressures should always be kept correct to get the most from your battery. See below for a list of recommended tyre pressures:
Model Tyre Pressure
Quingo Compact N/A
Quingo Air 30psi 2.1 bar
Quingo Classic 30psi 2.1 bar
Quingo Plus 30psi 2.1 bar
Quingo Vitess 30psi 2.1 bar
Quingo Toura 30psi 2.1 bar


  • Worn batteries – as your battery gets older, the range of your scooter will decrease.
  • Weight – the more weight carried on the vehicle the lower the range will be. This is particularly useful to know if you are planning on shopping for some heavy items before going on a long journey.
  • Terrain – taking your Quingo up steep slopes will make your scooter work harder, this will reduce the range. Another thing that will affect your Quingo’s range is the type of ground. If you use your vehicle on grass, shingle or generally soft ground the power consumption will double. This means the range of your scooter could decrease by up to 50%.
  • Accessories – any accessories that require battery power (for example the heated handle grips) will reduce the range of your Quingo, so plan your journey accordingly if you are using these accessories.
Quingo Scooters
Heated Handle Grips


The above points are things to bear in mind, particularly if you are taking your Quingo on long journeys. If you have any questions about your Quingo please fill in the enquiry form, or to book a scooter service please call our customer service number on 01582 430 900. We’ve also written a useful guide to battery care to provide some extra information to make sure you get the most out of your Quingo.