Taking your Quingo to a National Trust Property

We always encourage our Quingo scooter users to get out and about on their 5 wheel scooters, and in this blogpost we’ll take a look at accessibility in some of UK’s favourite historical properties.

The National Trust is an organisation committed to developing and promoting  access solutions in their properties. We know our customers enjoy visiting National Trust sites, so we’ve provided some information about accessibility in National Trust properties, and what you should check before you travel.

Quingo Scooters

Basic Access at National Trust Properties

Wherever possible the Trust admits scooter users into their historic buildings. This is subject to any physical limitations of the building and any temporary constraints enforced on the day. It’s also worth noting that all National Trust properties have adapted WC’s for disabled visitors.

While most National Trust properties have a good degree of access we would always recommend that you telephone the individual site to check any accessibility issues before you go. For more information on basic access at National Trust properties, visit the Trust website.

Things to Check before Travelling

Below are list of things to check with the individual property before you travel:

  • Access to property – naturally some National Trust properties are very old, this means they might have certain areas which have very restricted. Fortunately your Quingo has a very good turning circle, but it may be wise to check to see if any areas are just not suitable for any mobility scooter to avoid being disappointed when you get there. Accessible ramps and lifts are installed in many properties but not all. This may affect your route around the property, so it is best to check with the specific site before you go. If you’re unsure about the size of your scooter you can check the specification sheet that came with your scooter or see our handy dimensions chart below.
  Quingo Compact Quingo Air Quingo Classic Quingo Plus Quingo Vitess Quingo Toura
Length 100 cm (103 cm with basket) 39.4 inches (40.6” with basket 107 cm (124.5 cm with basket) 42” (49” with basket) 122 cm 48 inches 122 cm 48 inches 127 cm (139 cm with basket) 50” (55” with basket) 139 cm (150 cm with basket) 54” (59” with basket)
Width 54 cm 21.3 inches 56 cm 22 inches 64 cm 25 inches 64 cm 25 inches 62 cm 24.4 inches 67 cm 26.4 inches
Total Unladen Weight 55.5 kilograms 122.4 pounds 56.5 kilograms 124.5 pounds 100 kilograms 220 pounds 103 kilograms 227 pounds 116 kilograms 256 pounds 163.9 kilograms 361.3 pounds

  • Toilets – The National Trust say that all sites have adapted WC’s for disabled users so this shouldn’t be a problem. If you have a larger class 3 scooter such as the Quingo Plus, Quingo Vitess or the Quingo Toura, we’d advise you to check with the individual site that the WC can accommodate you.
  • Unstable surfaces – the site you are visiting may have areas of gravel or mud. We’d recommend that you don’t drive your scooter on rough, unpaved ground or soft mud. You may need to find out where these areas around the site are, and plan your route around the grounds accordingly.
  • Access to Tea Rooms – once you’ve spent your day enjoying the grounds, you may want some time to relax and enjoy the refreshments on offer. It’s best to find out if the tea rooms have accessibility ramps or lifts for your scooter. Quingo 5 Wheel scooters offer a superior turning circle and unequalled agility compared to 4 wheel scooters, so rest assured that navigating the tea room should be no problem at all.
  • Steep slopes – some grounds may feature very steep inclines. If possible, you should try to navigate around these if they are beyond the recommended limit for your particular model.
  • Car parking – most National Trust sites have disabled parking for users with a disabled parking badge. Users should also check that the pavements from the car park to the property are paved and scooter friendly.

We want to hear from you

The Quingo team love to hear about new and exciting places our users have been, if you want to share your National Trust story and send some photos please send them to [email protected] and we can post them on our blog.

If you have any points we think we have missed – please let us know by completing the enquiry form so we can make sure Quingo scooter users are as informed as possible.