Thinking of changing car and wondering what to do with your Quingo Flyte docking station?

If you have a Quingo Flyte and are thinking about selling or changing your car, you might be wondering whether your Quingo Flyte docking station affects this.

Today, the Quingo team talk you through how easy it is to remove and refit your docking station.

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The Quingo Flyte folded up into the boot of a car

Removing the docking station from your old car

Getting the Quingo Flyte docking station out of your car is a hassle free process. The handbook included with the purchase of your Quingo Flyte contains an in-depth guide on how to remove and install your docking station, it also features a DVD with a visual demonstration.

Removing and installing your Quingo Flyte docking station is very simple, but if you do need help with installation or removal, you can book one of our experienced engineers who will come and help at your convenience. All you need to do is call our customer service line for a quote on 01582 430 900.

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if you need help with installation or removal of your Quingo Flyte docking station, you can book one of our experienced engineers who will come and help at your convenience

The docking station is made up of 8 easily removable parts which can be removed with minimal effort. The whole process of removing the docking station should take you or your engineer no longer than 15 minutes.

As the docking station is fitted to your car using Velcro based plates and powerful suction cups, there are no drill holes to repair once it’s removed.

Once the rear seats are put back into position, there will be no evidence a docking station was ever in the car, meaning you are free to sell the car on with peace of mind that the docking station has caused no structural changes.

Fitting the docking station into your new car

Of course, once the docking station is removed you’ll probably want to fit it into your new car. Fitting the docking station to a new car can take longer than the removal as adaptions may need to be made. Again, the installation of the docking station is very straightforward and full instructions are in the handbook and included DVD. If you do require help you can call for a quote and book an engineer on 01582 430 900.

The Quingo Flyte fits in most small hatchbacks, SUV’s and estate cars from a variety of manufacturers, without tools or adaptions. If you are worried that the Quingo Flyte may not be compatible with a prospective new car, you can view a small sample of compatible cars here.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01582 430 900 to find out whether or not your new car will be suitable. It’s worth noting that special adaptions are also made and added regularly, so the list of compatible cars is growing all the time.

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