Taking your Quingo on the Train – Part 2

We’ve previously written about taking your Quingo scooter on the train by making use of the Passenger Assistance scheme.

Prefer to plan and book your journey yourself?

It’s not always possible, or desirable to book your journey in advance and you may prefer to organise this yourself. If this applies to you, here are some key points to consider before you start your journey:

  • Your scooter will also need to fit on any ramps used for boarding the train, be within the weight limits prescribed by the individual train company and be able to manoeuvre into the wheelchair space. This won’t be a problem with your Quingo scooter – the 5 wheel configuration offers unequalled agility and allows for tighter turning in confined spaces.
  • Some companies run permit schemes for mobility scooters. If you apply for one, you’ll be asked for details about the dimensions and other features of your scooter so that the train company can assess whether or not it’s acceptable. You will need one permit per scooter.

Finding out more

The Disability Aboard website, run by the Association of Train Operators (ATOC) has a handy list of travel tips, including things like how to avoid the barriers at stations and how accessible the station is. This can help with planning how to get in and around the station.

If you are unsure whether your Quingo meets the criteria, or if you have any other train travel queries, we recommend contacting National Rail Enquiries on 08457 48 49 50. They will be able to provide you with up to date travel and accessibility information.

Where have you been?

Have you been anywhere exciting on your Quingo? If you have, we want to hear about it, send your stories and any photos to [email protected] and we can post them on our blog.

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