Simple maintenance for your Quingo

Today we want to look at some simple maintenance checks you should regularly do on your Quingo. These are to ensure safety and optimal performance of your scooter. We’ve also shared some brief tips on how to clean your scooter, and keep it looking its best.

Making sure your Quingo’s in top shape

Here are some general points that apply to all of the scooters in the Quingo range. These are quick and easy examinations that can be done regularly. For a full list of details on how to maintain your scooter, please refer to your specific model’s service guide and handbook:

  • Visually check the machine for damage – You should be aware of any noticeable damage to your scooter, regardless of whether this affects its performance.
  • Check pressure & visually check the tyres for damage – If your scooter has inflatable tyres, you should check the tyre pressure regularly (please refer to your scooter handbook for recommended tyre pressure). If the tyres are below the recommended pressure the steering and range of the vehicle may be affected.
  • If you opted for solid tyres– These don’t need inflating, but it’s still good practice to examine them visually for any irregularities.
  • Check the throttle – You should check to make sure that your throttle has full and free movement and there’s no change to its functionality.

    Quingo Scooters
    The throttle mechanism on the Quingo Flyte
  • Check the steering – You should regularly check to see that the steering is moving both freely and smoothly.
  • Check the batteries – You should ensure that your batteries are fully charged before journeys. If battery life is becoming a concern, for advice please complete the enquiry form or contact our customer service team on 01582 430 900. We have also written a brief guide on  battery care.
    Quingo Scooters
  • Check the armrest and seatbelt operation – Make sure the armrests are tight and secure and ensure the seatbelt engages and releases before travelling on your Quingo.

    Quingo Scooters
    The lap belt on the Quingo Plus

In addition, here’s some advice on keeping your Quingo clean.

Cleaning your Quingo

Here’s a quick run through of things to bear in mind when cleaning your Quingo:

  • Only use a damp cloth and gentle detergent
  • Don’t use any abrasive or scouring liquids
  • Don’t use high-pressure cleaning devices

Your safety and comfort

Customer safety and comfort is our priority and we want you to get full use out of your Quingo. For a full list of details on how to maintain your Quingo, please refer to your specific model’s service guide and handbook. Alternatively, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team on 01582 430 900 and they’ll be happy to help.