Quingo Unveil New Video for Air 2

To go with the brand new range of Quingo mobility scooters, the Air 2, Vitess 2 and the Toura 2, the team have released a new demonstration video showing how simple it is to dismantle and transport the new Quingo Air 2.

Fully Transportable

The new Quingo Air 2 features an ‘all-white’ design and includes a host of new safety and performance features, a new range extender option and an equally attractive new lower price point.

Much like the original Air, The Air 2 is as simple as ever to transport and easily dismantles into the boot of a car in less than 60 seconds. Dismantling and assembly is both practical and quick and Quingo users love the combination of performance, comfort and portability.

quingo air 2 dismantled
The Quingo Air 2 can be easily dismantled

See below for the new video proving a demonstration of how to dismantle the new Air 2.

New Features

New features of the new Air 2 include:

  • Extended Range Option – Users can now charge and use up to 4 x 15 Ah batteries simultaneously for up to 18 miles on a single charge which is nearly double the range of the previous model.
  • Off Vehicle Charging Option – The benefit of 2 x 15Ah onboard batteries and two additional 15 Ah batteries charged remotely, away from the vehicle.
  • All New Dash Layout – with new illuminated fuel gauge, new matt black anti-glare finish, new high security ignition system and new improved throttle action.
  • Anti-Slip Adaptive-Footplates – Independently adjustable forward and backward, up and down and at any angle, the new Anti-Slip surface provides precisely the right posture no matter your height or leg length.
  • New Armrest Adjust – Larger, easier to use thumb screws make minor adjustments easier than ever.
quingo air 2
The Quingo Air 2

The Quingo Air 2 also comes with:

  • An infinately adjustable, easy lock tiller
  • A fully padded ‘Comfort Plus’ seat with armrests
  • Swivel function, front/back slide and height adjustment
  • New height and width adjustable padded armrests
  • All round lightweight alloy wheels
  • Front and back large pneumatic tyres
  • Chassis mounted basket for lighter steering
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty

If you are an existing Quingo Air user looking to upgrade, or want to know more about a more transportable Quingo, you can call our friendly customer services team on 01582 430 900 to find out more.