Quingo Mobility Scooter User Bids Farewell to Vulcan Bomber

The Quingo team would like to share the feedback of a former pilot who recently took ownership of a brand new Quingo Air 2, and was so pleased he decided to tell us about his experience.

Former Pilot

Mr Watson used to fly Vulcan planes and was hoping to visit an airshow locally to say farewell to the soon-to-be retired aircraft. The Quingo team loaned Mr Watson a brand new Air 2 so he could attend the event and say goodbye.

The Air 2 allowed Mr Watson to tour the large display area. The airfield itself was situated on a large area of grass with plenty of bumps, dents and lots of holes that you’d expect to find in a large field. However, thanks to the Air 2, none of this was a problem to Mr Watson.

Mr Watson commented about the Air 2’s performance: “The Quingo Air coped admirably with all surfaces, gave a stable and comfortable ride and was very agile evading the inevitable hazards. It was certainly a good test, which the five wheel scooter passed with flying colours.”

Stowe House

After his airshow test run, Mr Watson decided to buy an Air 2. His first trip out was to the National Trust property Stowe House, where he spent the afternoon touring the estates’ lavish gardens and parkland.

quingo scooters at stowe
Mr Watson on his brand new Quingo Air 2

Mr Watson described his experience at Stowe House:

“There are no paved areas just stony, lumpy paths with holes, inclines and declines (some with adverse camber).  The Air 2 behaved admirably throughout; it was comfortable, stable and exceptionally manoeuvrable.  It was also admired by a number of people.  It reinforced the decision to go for an Air 2.”

quingo scooters at stowe house
Mr Watson took his Quingo Air 2 around Stowe House and it’s gardens

This isn’t the first time that we have loaned out a scooter, recently, we were told by a fellow Quingo scooter user of a war veteran who lived down the road from him, who was unable to attend his local Armed Forces Day event due to a recent operation.

He brought his friends story to our attention and we were able to lend him a Quingo scooter, so the war veteran was able to attend Kent Armed Forces Day parade.

If you’re interested in places to go on your Quingo, the team have written a series on attractions you can visit on your Quingo in conjunction with Silver Travel Advisor. Here you can find lots of places to visit that are accessible with your Quingo mobility scooter.

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