Mobility Scooters on Buses and Trams in Edinburgh

The Quingo Scooters team were delighted to read that following calls for mobility scooters to be let on buses and trams in Edinburgh, they are now to be allowed on for the first time under a trial scheme being launched by Scottish transport bosses.

Improved accessibility in Edinburgh

Jim Eadie, the Scottish MSP for Edinburgh Southern, raised the issue of poor accessibility on public transport for mobility scooter users earlier this year. Eadie was told that “operational circumstances” meant Transport for Edinburgh could not allow mobility scooters on board the Scottish capitals busses and trams.

Upon hearing this Eadie asked Transport for Edinburgh to carry out an urgent review of this policy. This week the Quingo team were glad to hear that a breakthrough was reached and a trial is to be implemented.


Transport for Edinburgh

Transport for Edinburgh chief executive Ian Craig wrote in a letter to Jim Eadie: “The issue of mobility scooter access to Lothian Buses and Edinburgh Trams services was raised at the most recent board meeting of Transport for Edinburgh.”

“It was agreed at this time that I should progress a paper to facilitate a trial for both bus and tram services with any final decision on implementation delegated to the respective boards.”

Mr Eadie echoed Quingo’s delight at the news, saying: “I’m delighted that Transport for Edinburgh has seen sense on this issue and is prepared to consider a trial for both bus and tram services.”

“While a final decision would have to be taken by the respective boards, I’m very glad TfE are taking these issues seriously. This decision will be welcomed by people across the city. Ian Craig deserves credit for the leadership he has provided on this issue.”

Mr Craig from TfE said: “Accessibility continues to be a big priority across all of our services and we are currently considering what further improvements can be made. Of course, buses and trams are different so careful consideration needs to be given to the practicalities with each mode in mind.”

Accessibility for all

At Quingo we strive to improve mobility and accessibility for everyone, and we’re very happy with the decision to allow mobility scooters onto public transport in Edinburgh’s city centre. Edinburgh is a fantastic city and no one should have to miss out visiting such great attractions there.

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