Calls to make trams more accessible in Edinburgh

As advocates of mobility and accessibility, the Quingo team are keeping a keen eye on a story about new calls to review the ban of mobility scooters from trams in Edinburgh.

“Operational circumstances”

Edinburgh Southern MSP Jim Eadie said Transport for Edinburgh claimed “operational circumstances” meant they weren’t able to allow mobility scooters on board due to large passenger volumes coupled with the challenge of manoeuvring the vehicles on and off a crowded tram.

However, calls for allowing greater access to trams and buses is growing in the city. Mr Eadie, who has said he believed that transport should be accessible for all, called on Transport for Edinburgh to carry out a review on its controversial policy as soon as possible.

Accessibility & trams

Whilst the majority of modern tram services in the UK allow mobility scooter access, tram companies are not obliged by law to carry mobility scooters.

This means there that whilst some tram operators have permit schemes to allow mobility scooters on to their trams, others, such as Edinburgh, do not. To find out more about taking your Quingo on a tram take a look at our earlier blog post.

Finding a solution to transport in Edinburgh

Shortly before the Edinburgh trams started running last year it was revealed that mobility scooters would be banned. The decision was derided as “outright discrimination” by disability campaigners.

MSP Mr Eadie continued by saying, “The vast majority of people in Edinburgh rely on both the tram and bus networks for commuting to and from work, socialising or shopping. It is not right in today’s society that some in our community are being excluded from using either buses or trams.

“Let’s not forget that these methods are Edinburgh’s two main transport networks and they should allow access for all and not be selective.”

What did Transport for Edinburgh say?

Transport for Edinburgh’s chief executive Ian Craig said that accessibility was a priority across all of their services.

Mr Craig said: “We’re currently trialling bicycle access on our trams and once that’s complete we’ll look at options open to us around mobility scooter access.

“Our accessibility is presently very good but if we can make it better then of course we’ll do what we can to ensure everyone who wants to travel with us has the best possible experience.”

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