Five tips for reversing on your Quingo

With the introduction of new optional reversing cameras on the Vitess 2 and the Toura 2 , Quingo thought some advice for those who reverse the traditional way was timely. Reversing is something you will encounter at some point when driving your Quingo, whether you’re reversing out of the drive or manoeuvring out from the garage.

Quingo Scooters

Five tips on reversing safely

In light of this, the Quingo team want to offer you five top tips on reversing in your Quingo.

    1. Be aware of your surroundings – Whilst this may sound obvious, it’s arguably the most important point to remember when reversing. Check over your shoulder to see if there’s anyone approaching or any obstacles that need to be manoeuvred round.
    2. Check your mirrors – Checking your Quingo’s mirrors is also vitally important, particularly if you are driving or reversing on a road. All our Class 3 scooters (the Quingo Plus, the Quingo Vitess and the Quingo Toura) have mirrors attached so that you can see what’s going on directly behind you. Rear view mirrors can be bought as an accessory option if you own any of our other scooters other than the Air and Compact.
    3. Start moving slowly – Whenever you’re reversing it’s important that after you’ve checked your surroundings you don’t accelerate at full speed. All Quingos have a reduced reversing speed but reversing at a slower speed will help you manoeuvre around obstacles safely and efficiently.
    4. Steering – You may wish to practice your reversing skills in an open space until you are comfortable manouvering the scooter where you want it to go. Moving slowly will allow you to better judge how much you need to steer to complete you manoeuvre.
    5. Get a feel for the manoeuvrability – If you’ve ever experienced driving a three or four wheeled scooter before, you’ll no doubt appreciate the improved of manoeuvrability and stability of your scooter’s 5 wheels made possible by Quintell Technology. Their tighter turning circle will mean you will spend less time reversing in the first place. Practice tight turning manoeuvres traveling forwards too and you may find that reversing is reduced or not necessary at all..

Driving your Quingo

The key thing when reversing is to be aware of what’s happening around you – if you remember this key rule you won’t go far wrong.

Take a look at our earlier blog post on useful tips for driving your Quingo for more points to bear in mind when driving your Quingo more generally.