Exercises you can do on your Quingo – Part 2

Following on from our earlier popular blog post about exercises you can do on your Quingo, the Quingo team would like to suggest more ways you can keep fit on your scooter and how this can be beneficial.

Please do not attempt any of these exercises whilst driving your Quingo. Make sure the ignition is turned off, the key is removed, and that you have enough room to do the exercises without coming into contact with anything around you.

The benefits of exercise

Exercise has been proven to ease depression, relieve stress and anxiety and improve your entire outlook on life. Through a creative approach many people find they can overcome mobility limitations and find enjoyable ways to exercise.

Some more exercises to do on your Quingo

Here are four more workouts that we hope will be helpful to those of you looking to exercise on your Quingo 5 wheel scooter:

  • Invisible rowing machine: Slowly extend your arms directly in front of you so that your outstretched arms are parallel with your shoulders before returning them to their natural position. Repeat this motion five times.
  • Arm pumps: This is a great way to get the circulation moving in your upper body. Raise your left fist in the air before bringing it down to its natural position before doing the same with your right fist. Repeat this 5 times with each arm.
  • Head tilts: Whilst seated upright on your Quingo, slowly and gently tilt your head forward and back again to its natural position. Repeat this action, but this time slowly moving your head backwards. After this you can gently tilt your head to the left and to the right again.
  • The cuddle: Hold your left shoulder with your right hand and your right elbow with your left hand. Hold this position for 15 seconds then repeat the same exercise with the other arm.

How you can stay safe and get the most out of exercising on your Quingo

Your welfare and safety is important to the Quingo team, so we always advise that you check with your G.P. before undertaking any form of exercise. We hope you will find some of these simple but effective ideas useful.

Quingo Scooters

It’s said that it takes around a month for a new activity to become a habit. It’s easier to stay motivated if you enjoy what you’re doing, so you may find you benefit from listening to music while you exercise.

There are many possible ways to exercise on your Quingo. To that end, we believe that there’s at least one exercise for everyone to enjoy safely on their Quingo.