Enhance your Quingo Classic experience with additional accessories

In the first of a series of new blog posts, the Quingo team talk about some of the accessories available for each of the Quingo range. In this post, we’d like to help you learn a little more about some of the options available for the Quingo Classic.

Quingo Scooters
The Quingo Classic

At Quingo we recognise that no two peoples’ needs are the same. That’s why we have a selection of accessories for our mobility scooters that our customers can choose from.

These accessories are designed to enhance your Quingo experience in a number of ways.

Personalising your Quingo Classic to suit your needs


There are several accessories available that are specific to each of our models. The following items are available on the Quingo Classic:

  • HI Visability Rear Shopping Bag and Crutch Holder – If you have a
    crutch or crutchesand use your scooter to go shopping or on longer day trips this could be an ideal accessory. Crutches can be safely stowed in the side pockets and the bag itself offers extra storage space and helps ensure you’ll be seen from behind at all times.

    Quingo Scooters
    HI Visability Rear Shopping Bag and Crutch Holder
  • Front Lockable Storage Box – This provides a great way to keep your valuables safe at all times and will help give you peace of mind when you’re out and about.
  • All Weather Removable Canopy – Protecting yourself and your scooter in rain and snow has never been easier, it protects you from the elements in winter yet can be removed in the summer months.

    Quingo Scooters
    All Weather Removable Canopy
  • Rear View Mirrors – a good safety measure to keep an eye on what’s coming up behind you, the Quingo Classic although a pavement scooter can have two rear view mirrors fitted if required.
  • Rear Mounted Oxygen Cylinder Carrying Bag – If you need to carry an oxygen cylinder when you’re out, this is the ideal add-on for you.
  • Puncture Resistant Treatment to all Pneumatic Tyres – A practical and effective way of protecting yourself from the hassle of punctures. This special fluid instantly seals punctures up to 3mm in size.
  • Quintell™ Smartbumper – Shock Resistant Front Bumper – This feature not only protects your scooters bodywork but also helps dissipate shocks if you have any minor scrapes.

    Quingo Scooters
    Quintell™ Smartbumper – Shock Resistant Front Bumper


Choosing the right accessory for you

Our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction is paramount to what we do, which is why we love to listen to your thoughts on our products. If you have an idea for an accessory that we don’t yet produce we’d love to hear from you.