What cold weather accessories are available for my Quingo?

Does the prospect of lower temperatures or getting caught in a sudden winter shower put you off getting out and about?

Today, the Quingo team would like to highlight some useful accessory options that might help you cope with these colder, wetter days and make your experience even better.

Finding out more about the options available

We appreciate that no two peoples’ needs are the same, so our accessories have been specially designed to meet a diverse range of needs.

These accessory options will help you get through the winter months and make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Heated Handlebar Grips

Heated handlebar grips are a welcome addition to those who suffer from poor blood circulation, arthritis or to those who simply don’t like the cold. Expertly fitted by qualified Quingo engineers, this extremely useful accessory for Vitess and Toura models fits over your existing handlebars, just in front of the accelerator and reverse lever and are connected to the 12 volt plug, similar to a cigarette lighter on the inside of the tiller.

Quingo Scooters

The installation includes a temperature dial so you can set how hot you would like your handlebars to get or can be turned off completely during the summer months.

Heated handlebar grips are available for the Vitess and Toura and cost £150 when ordered with the scooter or £150 plus a £59.12 call out fee if you would like them retrospectively fitted. Please call Customer Services on 01582 430 900 for more details.

Quingo High capacity – water resistant – Front Shopping Box

The water resistant Front Shopping Box provides a convenient way of keeping your valuables protected from the rain. The box attaches onto the front of your scooters chassis, unlike many other scooters meaning that the steering weight remains unaffected.

The cover features easy to open and close Velcro straps, so you can reach for items quickly. The box is constructed with a sturdy metal frame surrounded by a water resistant cover.

The dimensions of the high capacity front shopping box are close to double that of the standard basket and are as follows:

Quingo Scooters

The high capacity, water resistant front shopping box is available on selected models for £45. Please call Customer Services on 01582 430 900 for more details.

All Weather Removable Canopy

There are two types of All Weather Removable Canopy – those for the Quingo Classic and Quingo Plus, plus a newer stylish model to complement the design of the Quingo Vitess and Quingo Toura.

Quingo Scooters
The Quingo All Weather Removable Canopy available for the Quingo Classic and Quingo Plus


The canopy is see-through in critical areas and will protect you and your scooter from the effects of adverse weather. The canopy features roll up doors to offer full protection from wind and rain when you need it and excellent air flow when you don’t.

Quingo Scooters
The new stylish All Weather Removable Canopy to complement the design of the Quingo Vitess and Quingo Toura


The canopy consists of a sturdy metal frame that is attached to the chassis of your scooter, a large hard windscreen and the water resistant cover which conceals your Quingo from the elements on all sides.

The large door openings zip easily up and down with zip extending arms for those who can’t bend so far. This enables you to get in and out of your scooter easily and safely. You don’t need to worry about fitting this yourself – one of our skilled Quingo engineers will do that for you. All weather canopies are available on selected models from just £295. Please call Customer Services on 01582 430 900 for more details.

We want to hear from you

The friendly Quingo team are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have, whether you’re a Quingo owner or simply want to find out more. You can call our national advice line on 0808 100 65 70, Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm.

If you have any ideas for more accessories that you would like to see manufactured for your Quingo Scooter then we would love to hear from you.