How to look after your Quingo in colder weather

Advanced Vehicle Concepts, the designers and manufacturers of Quingo 5 wheel scooters take great pride in making sure all their scooters are built to the highest possible standards for both safety and usability and the feedback from our customers is a testament to this.

However, although winter is a time when many users need to be extra aware in ice and snow, it is also a time when your Quingo can be a real help to safely get around for those vital shopping trips or just to remain connected to your community.

Today, we at Quingo offer some safety tips that will help you stay safe.


1 – Visibility – Making sure you are seen by others

We’re at that point of year where our internal body clocks are adjusting to shorter days and it is getting dark by 4pm.

If you’re out after this time on the pavements and roads you need to ensure that other pedestrians and motorists are able to see you. Always use lights if you have them and if you do not then make sure you are back home well before it starts getting dark.

Anything that highlights your visibility on the roads is a good thing. A high-vis vest or jacket or a high-vis shopping basket on the rear of your scooter would be a great example of this.

2 – Be prepared – Making sure your Quingo is in top shape

As at all times of the year, it’s important to charge your batteries for a full 12 hours prior to use and to put them back on charge ready for the next time. The charger will turn off and keep them topped up automatically.

To ensure that your Quingo remains in optimum shape we recommend that you don’t leave it out in the snow or freezing conditions for prolonged periods. This will affect the performance of your batteries. Keeping it stored in a safe, dry, secure environment with adequate protection is a must.

Both the Quingo Team and the Department for Transport recommend strongly that you do take out scooter insurance.

3 – Very Bad weather – Being aware of the conditions around you

If the weather is predicted to be particularly treacherous you may decide to put off any unnecessary journeys for the time-being.

If you do need to venture out, it’s always good practice to carry a mobile phone with you in case of the unlikely event of an emergency so that you always have someone to contact.

If the ground is icy on your normal route or if there are steep hills or other hazards, you should also consider altering your route to avoid these. Even if this adds a few minutes extra on to your total travel time, it’s a small price to pay for staying safe on the roads.

Always take extra care to wrap up warm in the winter months.

Quingo Scooters
Mrs Wood took her Quingo Flyte through some tough conditions all the way to Europe’s most northerly point – the North Cape in Norway!


Accessories – a helping hand

There are a number of extra measures you can take during the winter time to make sure that you’re safe in the chillier winter months.

Accessories which many of our customers find particularly useful are the all weather canopies which will keep you and your Quingo dry in the rain and snow and if your model is compatible, consider heated handlebars if you want to use your scooter in particularly cold conditions.

Quingo Scooters
Accessories like this all weather canopy can help keep your Quingo in top condition

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