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Mobility Scooters and the Highway Code – Part 1

Our customers’ safety and welfare is our main priority. In the first blog post of two parts, the Quingo team want to look at the Highway Code and what it has to say surrounding mobility scooters.

What is the Highway Code?

The Highway Code is a compendium of advice, information, guides and mandatory rules for all road users in the UK. Its main purpose is to promote safety on the roads.

The Highway Code applies to pedestrians, animals, cyclists, motorcycles, drivers and mobility scooter users.

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Useful tips for driving your Quingo scooter

Today, the Quingo team wants to give you a few points to bear in mind when driving your scooter, which will help you have the best possible experience, whilst retaining maximum levels of security and comfort.


What you need to know before driving your Quingo

Before purchasing your Quingo, an advisor will have talked you through everything you need to know to ensure you have the safest and most enjoyable experience.

Here’s an outline of some of the key points to consider:

  1. Before driving your Quingo, make sure you get comfortable.
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Exercises you can do on your Quingo

The Quingo team want to help you to improve your mobility and overall wellbeing whilst helping you to keep active and get out and about. With this in mind we want to highlight some gentle and effective exercises you can do whilst seated on your Quingo.*

Quingo scooters offer supreme comfort

As a Quingo scooter user, you’re already sitting in the best anatomical position which will help to prevent aches and pains from sitting down too long. If you also want to keep active while on your scooter here are some gentle exercises to help improve circulation and reduce stiffness.

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