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Quingo Scooters Accessible Getaways: Harrogate

We all need to get away sometimes, and there is nothing we love more here at Quingo Scooters than tracking down the best short breaks in the UK for you. There are certainly plenty to choose from but this time we’re finding out what the beautiful northern spa town of Harrogate has to offer.

Exploring Harrogate

It’s a regular winner of the best place to live in the UK and it really is no wonder. Harrogate is a stunning town, full of historic buildings and tea rooms to wile away the days in.

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Quingo Scooters Accessible Routes: The Lake District

Mobility scooters offer the perfect way to get around if you’re wanting to explore the great outdoors. And the destination we’re focusing on this time certainly has fresh air in abundance: the Lake District is famous around the world, and the great news is that much of it is accessible. So, here Quingo Scooters finds out what this incredible National Park has to offer.

The Lake District

Never mind just the UK: we’re going to be bold with this one and say that the Lake District must be truly one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

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Quingo Accessible Routes: The Monsal Trail

Do you want to explore the great outdoors? At Quingo Scooters we’re constantly bringing you our top picks of the most breath-taking accessible routes the UK has to offer.

In today’s article we head to Derbyshire, one of England’s most scenic counties. Here you’ll find the Monsal Trail in the picturesque Peak District – one of the nation’s most mobility scooter-friendly routes.


Monsal Trail

The Monsal Trail is a former railway line that was transformed into a track and opened up for the public to enjoy in 1981.

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Quingo Accessible Routes: Barnett Demesne

Quingo Scooters encourages users to get out and see the world, from the comfort of their mobility scooters. In our series of articles, we’re drawing your attention to the accessible routes throughout the UK which are fully accessible, helping you discover the nation’s natural beauty.

Heading to the other side of the Irish Sea, we’re stopping in County Antrim in Northern Ireland today. Here you’ll find Barnett Demesne, a former estate which is now a public park with accessible routes.


Barnett Demesne

In County Antrim (South Belfast) you’ll find Barnett Demesne, which first opened to the public in 1951.

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Quingo Accessible Routes: Danbury Country Park

Quingo Scooters empowers our users to go forward and explore the UK’s glorious natural beauty at their leisure. In our series of articles, we’re bringing some of the nation’s best accessible routes to your attention, highlighting various green spaces you can discover on your mobility scooter.

Today, we’re travelling down to Essex, the UK’s most southerly county. The area plays host to Danbury Country Park, a popular natural attraction which boasts various accessible routes.


Danbury Country Park

Based in Danbury, Essex, Danbury Country Park lies on an estate which was originally constructed back in the 13th Century.

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