Feedback from a Quingo Mobility Scooter User

We love to hear from Quingo users about what they think of their 5 wheel mobility scooters. Recently we got in touch with a Quingo Air user from Oxford, who told us all about how her Quingo has changed her life. We wanted to share this with all our users and encourage everyone to tell us about your Quingo experience.

Quingo Air User

We asked Sue what the best feature of her Quingo Air was. She said it was the fact that she now had a way to get around, and that this had made a big impact on her life. Sue believed her Quingo had given her the freedom and independence to get out and about again, after she developed mobility problems.

She said one of her favourite activities was going to the park with her daughter, something she wasn’t able to do before she got her Quingo. Sue enjoys the fresh air and spending time in the park which makes a great change of scenery.

Asked why she chose a Quingo mobility scooter, Sue said the demonstration from the engineer was key. The Quingo engineer explained the benefits of a 5 wheel scooter as opposed to a 3 or 4 wheel model. Safety is very important to Sue and Quingo’s 5 wheels give much more stability when cornering and kerb climbing, which was very important for her.

Once she had tried the scooter for herself, Sue immediately knew it would benefit her everyday life, giving her the freedom to go to the shops, around the garden and to the park again.

Sue said she would recommend her Quingo Air to everyone as a great way to recapture the freedom she enjoyed when she had full mobility.

New Quingo Scooters

Quingo recently announced a brand new version of the Quingo Air; the Quingo Air 2, along with two other 5 wheel models; the Quingo Vitess 2 and Quingo Toura 2.


Your Quingo Experience

If you want to share your experience with us and other Quingo users, we want to hear from you. Contact us by filling out the contact form on our website and we can post your stories and any photos on our blog