The Red Wheelies Part 3: Having a Ball!

Last week on the Quingo Scooter User’s Blog we reflected back on some of the amazing achievements of the Red Wheelies.Today we wanted to take you back to August 2010, when the UK’s only Mobility Scooter Formation Display Team took to the stage of ITV’s ‘The Michael Ball Show’ to promote mobility scooter safety on their trusty Quingos.

It was early September when a full compliment of Red Wheelies turned up at Television Centre to appear with Michael Ball. They soon got into the swing of things with in depth interviews with the host and a representative from Norfolk police who discussed the challenges surrounding scooter safety in public areas. The wheelies were invited to show the way on a test track, especially set up in the studio which Michael and fellow guest Brian Connelly would then have to complete.

Superintendent Jim Smerdon remained on hand to provide safety tips, but it was his police powers that were required by the end as Brian Connolly was jokingly ‘arrested’ for dangerous driving.

Michael said of the show himself on its Facebook page: “What a jam packed show, my new ambition in life is to be in the ‘Red Wheelies’, they are awesome.”

The Red Wheelies have been brilliant advocates for the day-to-day benefits that Quingo 5 wheeled scooters can bring to people with limited mobility – they prove that reduced mobility does not have to mean reduced lifestyle. Once again we would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for the hard work they have put in over the last 15 fun-packed years. You are still an inspiration to many and will continue be so.

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