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Accessible getaways abroad: Accessible Moscow

Moscow feels like a city built for giants. The scale of the place is incredible. The roads are wide. The buildings are monumental and the parks are vast. And then, there is also the great weight of history in this ancient city.

Surely there are few other places (Berlin perhaps?) where so many momentous events have taken place. You can feel it in every brick and stone, red star and golden dome.

But then this can also be a surprisingly accessible city too.

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Accessible getaways abroad: Accessible Montpellier

Montpellier might not be one of the best-known cities in Europe. But we think that it certainly deserves to be. This beautiful French city is an historic gem, with a fascinating medieval centre. But it is also a vibrant, modern cultural hotspot that makes for the perfect getaway.

Most impressive of all is the effort the city has gone, to make as many of its sights and facilities as accessible as possible. The city actively encourages its tourist attractions and shops to be open to all – and the results are impressive.

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Accessible getaways abroad: Accessible Munich

It’s best to think of Germany’s second city, Munich, as a capital in its own right. It is the state city of Bavaria, for one. But it also has the scale and grandeur of a capital city too. Packed full of art galleries, museums, great restaurants and of course, beer halls, it is the perfect getaway.

Like the national capital, Berlin, it has a rich history all of its own. There is plenty to explore over a few days. So, here is Quingo Scooters’ guide to the very best accessible sights that Munich has to offer.

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Accessible getaways abroad: Accessible Ljubljana

It’s not one of the largest capital cities in Europe, but Ljubljana is rapidly becoming one of the most accessible. This hidden gem is the perfect destination for a short break and it’s often referred to as a ‘mini Prague’. With its beautiful Baroque architecture, medieval old town and rich history it is easy to see why.

But while the comparison is a fair one, we think that Ljubljana deserves a lot more attention than it gets. So, here is Quingo Scooters’ guide to some of the best accessible things to do in Ljubljana.  

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Accessible getaways abroad: Accessible Brussels

There is a lot more to Brussels than waffles and politicians, as we discovered recently. Because of its political importance, Brussels has become a true melting pot of different European cultures. And it isn’t a big city either, which means it is easy to get around. The great news is that many of Brussels’ best sights are also fully accessible to those of us who use a mobility scooter.

Great food, beautiful architecture and friendly people make Brussels the perfect choice for anyone looking for an accessible getaway.

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