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Quingo Scooters Accessible Getaways: A Day Out in Whitby

There’s nothing better than a day spent at the seaside. From fish and chips to beautiful tearooms, Whitby is the perfect place to visit on your next trip to the beach. Offering stunning views, as well historic and cultural hotspots, you’ll always find something to explore in Whitby. Did you know that the Gothic Whitby Abbey was even the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’? But there’s nothing scary about this beautiful seaside town in Yorkshire!

This week, Quingo Scooters are looking at the best that this town has to offer, from the Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum to the studio of artist John Freeman. With all this and more, let’s get started…

Quingo Scooters Whitby

What to do

Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum: History fans are sure to love this museum. Taking a journey into the underground world of a real Ironstone Mine, here you’ll learn all about the customs, life and skills of the Cleveland miners. Celebrating the heritage of the industry, this attraction is home to some incredible memorabilia, ensuring the legacy of the mines through conservation, preservation and displays of artefacts, documents and photographs. With 5 distinct areas to explore, there’s so much to see here!

  • The Museum: Following a short film introducing the origins, decline and legacy, you’ll be able to journey inside the gallery. Here, you’ll find incredible and unique artefacts that guide you through the history of the area. Have you ever wondered how much a miner was paid, or what work equipment they carried into the black tunnels? This museum has all the answers.
  • The Upcast: Delving deeper into the old buildings, learn all about the immense Sirocco Fan and the ventilation systems used to quench fires and – more importantly – keep miners alive. Here you’ll get an incredible view of the 60-foot ventilation shaft. Watch out for the black waters below…
  • The Tally Cabin: Learn all about where the miners started and ended their day! Located at the mouth of the North Drift, this is where the workers signed in and out daily. In 1916, this was even home to local people sleeping as Zeppelin airships flew overhead!
  • The Dark Room: Prepare to be plunged into complete darkness! In this immersive experience, you’ll experience the blackness that miners were met with as they travelled below the ground. As you listen to the story of 12-year-old Fred and his memories of his first day underground as a “trappy lad”, you’ll understand what these miners faced daily.
  • The Experience: Have you ever wondered how ironstone was drilled and blasted over a century ago? Here you’ll come face to face with the candlelit tunnels of the underground workplace. Following the deputy on duty, you’ll see demonstrations and even light the fuse to set off the blast!

The Studio of John Freeman: Whitby artist John Freeman is well-known for his watercolour paintings of the North Yorkshire landscape. With his subjects ranging from a wide variety of local sources, these enchanting paintings are all on display at his studio in Whitby.

In his recently expanded studio, located in the heart of Whitby’s East Side, you’ll find over 160 of his works on display. This is the perfect place to marvel at his highly collectable Nocturne paintings, his studies of H.M. Endeavour and his striking renderings of a host of local places. From remote moorlands to the popular Goathlands, Freeman’s scenic works are not to be missed!

Why not take home a print to remember your incredible day out in Whitby?

Spend a day at the beach: Whitby is the perfect seaside town – so why not spend your day at the beach? There is a wide slipway down to the seafront, as well as lifts. Once there, you’ll find a flat promenade to journey down as you take in the charming views of the sea. With colourful beach huts and incredible coastlines, you’re sure to encounter some beautiful sites!

With a traditional long pier and gaps down to the sea, Whitby’s beach is sure to provide an idyllic day. The perfect place to enjoy your fish and chips!

Where to eat and drink

No visit to a seaside town is complete without fish and chips. For the best – and most accessible – try Quayside. Situated on Whitby’s breathtaking harbour, you’ll find award-winning takes on the classic fish and chips. If it’s a sunny day, why not take your food to go and enjoy the incredible views?

If you’re in the mood for Indian food, passage to India is perfect. Located near the train station, this restaurant offers some of the best Indian food in Whitby.

For smaller snacks or even a drink, there are plenty of cafes and tearooms to be found throughout the town. Coast Bar & Bistro is located between Robin Hood’s Bay and the historic port of Whitby, in the 5 Star Northcliffe Holiday Park. Perfect for incredible views and tasty treats!

There are also a wide range of cafés, restaurants and pubs throughout this beautiful town. Why not find your favourite on your next visit?

Quingo Scooters Whitby

Getting there

This historic town is accessible by a wide variety of means. If you are travelling by car, you’ll need to take the A171 and follow the road across rolling hills until you’re met with the panoramic view of Whitby’s coastline. There are a number of short-stay Blue Badge bays along the streets, with long-term Blue Badge parking being found in the numerous pay and display car parks. These can be found at several locations, including on Cliff Street, Church Street and the train station. There is also a park and ride service that is fully accessible and runs every 10 minutes. If you are travelling by bus, there are many services that run frequently. A full schedule is available here. The nearest stop for trains is Whitby Train Station. If you want to add a special touch to your travels, you can even take a steam train across the moors. More information about this unforgettable experience is available here. Further details about all forms of transport into Whitby can be found here.


While the picturesque town of Whitby certainly is old, it has smooth pavements throughout making it easy to navigate. Throughout the town, you’ll find accessible toilets, including along the sides of the beach and along the top of the cliff. There are several spaces allotted for Blue Badge parking available in Whitby. If you are staying for less than 3 hours, there are Blue Badge bays for on-road parking. For a longer amount than this, there are pay and display spaces available. Alternatively, there is a park and ride system that is fully accessible to all riders, with more information available here.

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