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Quingo Scooters Accessible Attractions: Thinktank, Birmingham

Birmingham is a proud pioneer in the worlds of manufacturing, communications, transport and medicines. As a celebration of this rich history, Thinktank science museum is home to all the city’s wondrous achievements in these fields. Whether you’re interested in the development of technology or are fascinated by the history of the region, this award-winning science museum is both an enlightening and entertaining day out!

This week, Quingo Scooters are heading to Thinktank Birmingham. With a range of exhibitions and galleries, we’re learning more about how science shaped the city and contributed to modern life. You’ll see everything from a Spitfire and the world’s oldest working steam engine to a virtual experience of a pioneering surgery. You’ll even come face to face with the UK’s largest Ichthyosaurus (if you’re wondering what that is, so did we, more below)!

Quingo Scooters ThinkTank Birmingham Science
Photo: ell brownWikimedia Commons

What’s on

  • Industrial Heritage: Discovering the past has never been so interesting! Showcasing Birmingham’s industrial heritage, here you’ll see what kept the revolution moving. Transport throughout the ages is on display, including trains, cars, planes, trams and bikes. As you explore the remarkable story of Birmingham’s transport revolution, you’ll learn about the complex web of canals, roads and railways that connect this major city to the rest of the UK. This is one of the most comprehensive steam collections in the entire world!
  • Must see: Those with in an interest in the Industrial Revolution must see the Smethwick Engine. Dating back to 1779, this is the oldest working steam engine in the world! It can pump one tonne of water every stroke, an immense 1,500 buckets of water every minute.
    • Spitfire Gallery: Fans of history and World War II will love this exhibition! Telling the story of the iconic aircraft, you’ll learn all about its innovative design and how it was created. Those interested in the science behind the invention will undoubtedly love the exhibits on the cutting-edge technology or how aircraft fly.

    Must see: Spitfires have a lasting legacy on the city. Did you know that over 10,000 were manufactured in Castle Bromwich between 1940 and 1945? You’ll discover one of these amazing war aircraft on display in this gallery.

    • Planetarium: Thinktank is home to the UK’s first purpose-built digital planetarium. Whether you’re taking a visit around the night sky or touring the solar system, you’ll learn all about astronomy on your adventures! In addition to space, the planetarium is also a wonderful place to learn more about life on earth. Here you can shrink to the size of an atom, dive under the ocean and even travel around the human body.

    Must see: Throughout the year, the Planetarium hosts dedicated events and talks, with everything from solar observing to theatre productions. Information on upcoming events is available here.

    • Marine Worlds Gallery: With creatures from the past and present on display, this is a must for anyone interested in marine animals. Displaying animals that have adapted to life under the sea, there are walruses, penguins and even prehistoric marine crocodiles to be found.

    Must see: No trip to Thinktank is complete without seeing the UK’s biggest Ichthyosaurus. Although they look a lot like dolphins, this creature was actually a reptile! At almost 200 million years old, this giant sea monster is the focus of a 2-year conservation and research project.

    • We Made It: with more than 20 interactive exhibits, learn all about Birmingham’s world-renowned manufacturing and natural science collections. There are 4 areas for you to explore, and you’ll always find something of interest. From nuts and bolts to treasure, tins and things to gadgets, there’s plenty going on. Take a journey from raw materials to the finished product or learn why we use certain types of packaging. With all things made or designed in Birmingham, you’ll learn why the city became known as ‘the workshop of the world’.
    • Investigate the Present: Science is all around us. In this section, you’ll discover the amazing science and technology underlying everyday life. This area is comprised of: Kids’ City Gallery, Things About Me Gallery, Wild Life Gallery, Medicine Matters Gallery and The Street Gallery. From taking an unusual journey through the human body to discovering animals and fossils, you’ll explore science in a modern setting. You can even become an animator in the Animate It! Studio and star in your own Shaun the Sheep adventure using motion capture technology.

    Must see: Did you know that Birmingham is home to the global market leaders for hip resurfacing? This city pioneered the technique for hip resurfacing that has seen over 125,000 implantations worldwide. At Thinktank, delve into how this operation was developed and how it is carried out. You can even take part in a virtual hip resurfacing operation while you’re here!

    Must see: Check out the interactive exhibits, RoboThespian and Create an Alien.

  • Find the Future: Have you ever wondered what’s next for science and technology? In the Find the Future gallery, you’ll see predictions for the future and be able to have your say. This gallery showcases how science has had an enormous impact on how we live and how it could continue to affect us. From exploring the outer reaches of space to wondering at the innovative inventions, there’s lots to discover here.

Eating and drinking at Thinktank

The Thinktank café, on Level 0 near Locomotive, is a wonderful place to make a pit stop for a quick refreshment break or enjoy a hot or cold meal. The café has a range of healthy meals available and a children’s menu. There’s also a coffee cart during the week (term time only) available from the picnic area and a Science Garden Kiosk.

Quingo Scooters ThinkTank Birmingham Planetarium
Photo: ell brownWikimedia Commons

Opening times and prices

Thinktank is open from 10am to 5pm, 7 days a week. The last admission is at 4pm. With the Planetarium closed for maintenance once a month, its best to check here before you visit. Tickets vary in price, with full information available here.

Getting there

Thinktank is located in Digbeth, in the Eastside region of Birmingham city centre. If you are travelling by car, the postcode is B4 7AP. There is a Birmingham City Council multi-storey car park next to the attraction, which has 20 Blue Badge holders’ spaces. The entrance is on Jennens Road. If you are travelling by bus, the nearest station is Moor Street, which is around 10 minutes from the attraction. There are also frequent buses servicing the area. More information on getting to ThinkTank is available here.


Situated inside Birmingham’s Millennium Point building, Thinktank is fully accessible for all visitors. With central lifts to all floors and even surfaces throughout, all the presenting spaces throughout the attraction are accessible. Accessible toilets and seating are on all Thinktank’s 4 floors. The multi-storey car park located in Millennium Point offers 20 Blue Badge parking spaces. Full information on accessibility is available here.

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