Accessible attractions in London for you and your Quingo – Part 2

Last week the Quingo team looked at accessible hotspots in London you can visit on your Quingo. Accessibility has much improved in the capital in recent times, and with the varied amount of places to visit, we believe there’s something for all Quingo scooter users to enjoy.

3 more accessible hotspots to visit in London

Last week we looked at Buckingham Palace, South Bank and the Museum of London. This week we’d like to take a closer look at three more accessible and exciting places to visit.

  1. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – This will appeal to any Quingo scooter users fond of nature. This botanical paradise in the south-west of the capital displays a range of rare and wonderful plants from all across the globe. The plants thrive in 10 different climates set in handsome glasshouses. Many efforts have been made to enhance the accessibility of the gardens. Kew also offers walking and bus tours for groups and individuals with particular needs. You are able to bring any 4mph Class 2 scooter or any 8mph class 3 scooter but this must be set to 4 mph mode and if you can’t take your own, there are also mobility scooters available which can be rented out for the day.

Tip: The Quingo Flyte is the perfect model if you wish to take your scooter in the car with you, as it doesn’t require any heavy lifting or assembly and it’s super tight turning circle is ideal in environments such as greenhouses.

  1. British Museum – The British Museum is home to thousands of the world’s most valuable artefacts, spanning from the Ice Age to the present day. The sheer number of displays means that there’ll be something that’s certain to impress you. The collection of Egyptian mummies along with the infamous Elgin Marbles are must-sees. The British Museum offers full accessibility to those with mobility issues.

Tip: The Quingo Air is great if you want a portable that dismantles while in transit and is easily reassembled at your destination.

  1. National Gallery – The National Gallery was founded in the 1820s and has grown to attract millions of visitors each year. It boasts a collection of more than 2,300 paintings dating from the middle-ages to the turn of the 20th century. Over 5 million visitors come each year to gaze at masterpieces by a host of world-class artists such as Monet and Turner among others. The Gallery caters to visitors with accessibility requirements and there is also off street parking nearby for Blue Badge holders.

Tip: Larger Quingo models such as the Quingo Plus, Vitess and Toura can still be used indoors in galleries and museams just make sure your speed limiter is set to the 4mph max setting and if necessary dial down the maximum speed even further if the attraction is particularly busy.

Accessible travel destinations

Have you been on any interesting trips on your Quingo? If so, we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch through the contact section of the website with your comments and pictures and we’ll feature them on our blog.